A steel factory in the US state of Colorado will get most of its energy from solar panels instead of coal.

More than 750,000 solar panels have been installed at the factory of the Russian manufacturer Evraz, which melts and reuses scrap metal.

Lightsource bp, a joint venture of which oil and gas group BP owns half, has financed the panels and also owns the solar power plant.

The so-called Bighorn Solar project has a capacity of 300 MW and officially started on Wednesday.

In November, the solar power plant should be running at full capacity.

It will then supply almost all the energy the factory needs.

According to Lightsource bp, it is the first steel mill in the world to achieve this.

Thanks to the solar power plant, the parties involved save more than 433,000 tons of CO2 annually.

According to Lightsource bp, that amounts to 92,100 fewer fuel cars on the road.

The steel factory will use the green power from the plant until at least 2041

The solar-powered plant comes as major US steelmakers get more serious about limiting their emissions.

The aim is to be climate neutral by 2050.

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