Many Dutch people want to go on holiday as soon as possible now that the government has labeled a handful of countries as safe enough.

Non-essential trips to holiday destinations such as Ibiza, Aruba, Curaçao and a large number of Greek islands are possible again after an adjustment of the travel advice.

This creates a lot of pressure for travel companies, where some customers already book holidays that start in a few weeks.

Since midnight, the Netherlands no longer automatically gives all countries the color code orange, with which the government strongly discourages unnecessary travel to a country.

Some countries or areas are now color-coded yellow or green, which means that the government no longer discourages holidays to those destinations.

As a traveler, you no longer have to quarantine when you return home to the Netherlands.

"We already saw that it was very busy for the summer bookings. Now that it has been fully confirmed, bookings are already being made on the much shorter term. It is really last minute. We are talking about the end of May," said a spokesman for TUI.

According to her, customers come and go at the tour operator's travel agencies and the call centers are also busy.

Frequently heard holiday destinations are Greece, Curaçao and Gran Canaria.

Industry colleague Corendon also notices that bookings are shifting forward.

"By far the most bookings are for the summer holidays, with July now being the most popular month. Until recently it was August. Consumers now also dare to book for the start of the school holidays", the company reports.

A spokeswoman notes that almost all are new bookings, so no replacement holidays for travelers who have received a voucher.

TUI is also going to fly more frequently to Curaçao and Aruba, which currently have two flights a week.

That will be five a week, and ultimately TUI wants to visit the islands every day.

Thailand a striking destination

Outside of Europe, Thailand is a striking destination that is again considered safe enough.

Riksja Travel, which specializes in individual tours, also notices this.

On Saturday morning, many more people searched the Rickshaw site for information about the Southeast Asian country than in previous weeks.

"We suddenly saw a peak. Where we used to be at 10 percent of the number of page views in a normal year, it is now suddenly 40 percent", says top woman Fenny Koppen.

"We also expect the number of bookings to pick up, as many people have already requested a complete travel plan."

Due to the adjustments to the travel advice, "hope is shining again on all sides" in the industry, says Koppen.

That is also good news for employment.

While Rickshaw had to downsize from 120 to 80 employees in the past year due to the corona crisis, the company can now think again about recruiting staff for the "booking season" September.