Disney has managed to attract fewer new subscribers to Disney + in the first three months than previously expected.

And because the company mainly attracted subscribers from India and Indonesia, where people pay less to watch series and films from the service, the average price paid by subscribers fell.

Disney reports this in the quarterly report on Thursday.

Disney + subscribers reached 103.6 million.

Analysts had expected a further increase to over 110 million subscribers, partly due to the long-awaited first Marvel series WandaVision.

The growth of the streaming service has been the main indicator of how Disney was doing recently for investors as cinemas and theme parks remained largely closed.

The American amusement parks are now open again, albeit with restrictions.

The parks in China, Hong Kong and Japan have been like that for some time.

Only Disneyland Paris is still closed.

The company expects to be able to announce when that amusement park can reopen soon.

Cinemas are also reopening in the United States.

However, some of the new films are delayed.

Disney said virtually all productions resumed in the closing quarter of last year, but the postponement of certain films could mean lost revenues of up to $ 1 billion this year.

All told, Disney had sales of $ 15.6 billion in the second quarter of its broken fiscal year.

That was 18 billion dollars in the first three months of 2020, when China in particular was affected by the corona pandemic.

The net profit of 1.1 billion dollars was higher than the 520 billion dollars of last year.

Because many amusement park staff are at home, Disney spent much less on wages and taxes.