The Tax and Customs Administration has been paying too much money to a small number of labor migrants for years.

This is shown on Saturday from research by

RTL Nieuws.

The errors were caused by the use of incorrect information in the own system.

The tax authorities tell that they are aware of the problem and that it only concerns a small number of people every year.

The problems revolve around the child-related budget (KGB), an allowance for parents with children under the age of eighteen.

Migrant workers would in some cases receive more benefits than they are entitled to, because they are wrongly labeled as single people.

That while in many cases they do have a partner abroad.

A single parent receives EUR 3,240 more per year.

In many cases, the partner would have been part of the child benefit application to the Social Insurance Bank (SVB).

However, the tax authorities would not use this information when allocating the KGB and relying on the data in its own systems, as a result of which excessive supplements are paid.

Last year, some fifteen thousand migrant workers with a family across the border received child benefit.

According to the tax authorities, five thousand people have been labeled as single.

Every year, the Tax and Customs Administration receives about 200 to 250 requests to stop the higher allowance.

The Tax and Customs Administration says that the problem of the mismatch of information is known and that work is being done to solve the problem.