According to the European Pharmaceutical Association (EFPIA), a vaccine dose against the coronavirus should cost between 5 and 15 euros.

This is a reasonable price per dose, said Sue Middleton at a hearing in the European Parliament's Health Committee.

She is the chair of Vaccines Europe, a group of vaccine manufacturers within the EFPIA.

However, Middleton said that exact prices had not been set in the agreements concluded so far between vaccine manufacturers and the European Union.

The vice president of the manufacturer Sanofi, Thomas Triomphe, assured that there would be a fair and low price.

A reduced price should apply to developing countries.

It is not yet possible to say exactly how much a vaccine dose will cost.

The research is not yet far enough to know about the exact dosage of the active ingredient.

The EU Commission had concluded framework agreements with the manufacturers Sanofi and GSK as well as with AstraZeneca for the delivery of several hundred million doses of vaccine.

Exploratory talks have been concluded with other manufacturers.

So far, however, none of the vaccines has been finally tested and approved.

The Paul Ehrlich Institute expects corona vaccines to be approved for the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021, so they will be widely available in the course of next year.

At present, nine vaccine candidates are in the final clinical phase III, said institute director Klaus Cichutek.

More than 100 teams worldwide are researching a vaccine against Sars-CoV-2.

ZEIT ONLINE documents the development phase in which the most promising candidates are.