According to Sky News, KPMG will stop sponsoring Pitch @ Place, an entrepreneurial initiative of the British prince Andrew of York. The international accounting organization will withdraw on Monday after the startling interview the prince gave about his ties with multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted of sexual misconduct.

Prince Andrew was named in 2015 in the civil case against Epstein. Between 1999 and 202, the prince allegedly forced a minor woman to have sex several times. Prince Andrew officially responded to these allegations in the interview with the BBC for the first time, saying he does not remember. He denied ever meeting the woman. The prince also denied that he was a good friend of Epstein.

The interview was received critically. The prince would have given incredible explanations. For example, he stated that he officially broke off contact with Epstein and then stayed with the millionaire in one of his houses for four days, because that was simply a convenient place to spend the night.

KPMG played an important role in establishing Pitch @ Place in 2014. The sponsorship contract with the company expired at the end of October, and might be renewed.