The US imports import duties of 25 percent on a range of European goods. These include cheese, pork and butter from the Netherlands, according to a list published by American trade envoy Robert Lighthizer on Wednesday.

Mussels and pears from the Netherlands and other EU countries are also affected by the import duties. The charges start on October 18.

Edam cheese and Gouda cheese from the Netherlands are no longer specifically mentioned. In an earlier provisional list this was the case.

According to Onno Boersma of the Gemzu branch association, this is a windfall for the Dutch cheese industry. The vast majority of cheese exports to the US are Gouda cheese.

French wine, Spanish olive oil and Scottish whiskey

In addition, the US also introduces taxes of 25 percent on French wine, Spanish olive oil and Scottish whiskey, among other things.

On Wednesday, the US received permission from trade organization WTO to impose import duties on $ 7.5 billion of European goods.

The WTO concluded that this is an appropriate response to the illegal subsidy granted by the European Union to aircraft manufacturer Airbus.