Sell ​​the Prime Minister

this Chuseok"

Prime Minister Jeong Sye-gyun recommended "If you don't face Chuseok," said


Sell ​​me".

On his social media, he posted one after another picture cards saying, "Don't go home for the prime minister's excuse this Chuseok."

There is an urgent appeal from the government that this Chuseok holiday should not be an opportunity to re-proliferate.

From tomorrow (21st), the'Online Memorial Service and Holy Sepulcher Service' for those who do not go down to their hometown will be operated.

The service application starts at the Ministry of Health and Welfare'e-Haneul Business Information System (www.ehaneul.go.kr). You can apply for a service that provides photos of the actual being settled in a business facility for five days from noon tomorrow to the 25th.

You can embody memorial halls and images in turn, including photos of Youngjung online, and share them with your family on social media.

In addition, you can use the bee grass agency service provided by industrial associations, agricultural cooperatives, and their own companies by applying in advance.

Before and after the Chuseok holiday, an advance reservation system for visitors to the indoor waterfront facility is held from September 3rd to October 3rd. The ceremonial room and the family rest room in the Bongan facility are closed, and eating and drinking inside the Bongan facility is prohibited.

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