Prosecutors who have been investigating suspicion of the attempted attempt to compel Channel A have handed over the reporter Lee Dong-jae and his junior reporter to the trial today (5th). However, there were no charges of conspiracy that led to suspicion that the prosecution and the media had been in contact, that is, the former reporter Lee Dong-jae had been working with Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon to make this work together.

First, reporter Won-Jin Won.

<Reporter> The

person who passed the investigation by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Team today is a former reporter Baek Mo, a former reporter Lee Dong-jae, who had been involved with a reporter from Channel A.

However, the alleged conspiracy with Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon, who was designated as the core of the so-called'adherence of swordsman', was not put in the indictment.

The Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office said the investigation was still under way because the charges were not filed.

One prosecutor said that the investigation was prolonged because he did not cooperate.

This is a public declaration that they will not accept the recommendation of the prosecutor's investigation deliberation committee to stop investigating a prosecutor's office. .

One prosecutor said that there was no fact that he had conspired, so it was natural that he could not be listed in the indictment.

In addition, the company reportedly attacked MBC, reporter X, and politicians who reported the incident for the first time.

The former reporter lawyer also criticized that the prosecution of the prosecutors as an accomplice was an abuse of the right to prosecution.

(Video coverage: Yongwoo Kim, Video editing: Seunghee Lee)