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The USFK, who threatened by pulling out a weapon to the owner of his dog and a large dog who had quarreled, was sentenced to death.

Yesterday (3rd), the 5th detective of the Suwon District Court (Judge Kim Myung-soo) announced that he sentenced a 31-year-old USFK A sentence of imprisonment to a 31-year-old US military in jail for threatening with a weapon against a dog owner he met at a dog cafe. The.

Mr. A committed a crime at 3 o'clock on September 29, last year, at a dog cafe large dog playground in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, because Mr. B's pet dog had a quarrel with his dog. At that time, Mr. A was found to have spoken in English, saying, "If your dog bites my dog, I will kill you. Be careful."

In court, Mr. A insisted that he saw a dog that looked similar to Mr. B's dog biting another dog before committing the crime. However, the court did not accept Mr. A's claim that "the victim's dog was threatened with a weapon because he bit the defendant's dog, and the defendant is consistent with excuses even though he is poorly sinned."

The judge continued, "When the defendant, who is 180 cm tall, was threatened, the victim, a woman in her twenties, would have felt a serious threat," she said. "We also considered the victim's desire for punishment." However, the court did not issue a warrant for arrest because Mr. A was not subject to escape or evidence destruction because he was subject to the SOFA.

Mr. A appealed against the court ruling.

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