Channel A reporter Lee Dong-jae, a party to the alleged suspicion of compulsory attempts by Channel A, and MBC reporter who first reported the allegations were investigated yesterday (20th). Whether or not there was a conspiracy between reporter Lee Dong-hoon and prosecutor Han Dong-hun, the reporter said that the speculation was intervened in the purpose of the conversation between the two, and said he would release the full record today.

Reporter Kang Cheong-wan.


Channel A Detective Part 1 of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office, investigating suspicion of Kang Mi-soo, summoned a reporter of former Channel A reporter Lee Dong-jae yesterday afternoon.

This is the first investigation since the reporter was arrested on the 17th for allegedly compelled attempts.

Prosecutors are reported to have investigated whether Lee conspired with former Prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol, prosecutor Han Dong-hoon, in the process of forcing Lee Cheol, former representative of ValueInvest Korea, to confess his secretary of the passport.

Reporter Lee and one prosecutor deny allegations of conspiracy.

Yesterday, KBS reported that the transcript of the conversation between a former reporter and a prosecutor contained a situation that conspired for threats, and then apologized for the fact that it was not exactly confirmed when a prosecutor strongly objected.

Reporter Insoo Jang of MBC, who was accused of defamation after reporting the allegations, was also summoned yesterday.

Yesterday, MBC reported that in February, when the reporter explained his coverage goals, a prosecutor was found to have answered, "That's worth doing."

The reporter's lawyer said, "It is a biased report that distorted the entire purpose of the recording."

He also raised suspicion of leaking evidence, saying that the MBC report appears to be based on what was written on the arrest warrant.