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man who threatened a vehicle stopping in front of his car and stopping several times reported a retaliation to 112. The driver of the car in front turned out to be a plainclothed police officer, and he concluded that the police were a legitimate business process.

Reporter Park Jung-jeong reports.

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is a round-trip 8-lane road in Dalseo-gu, Daegu, in the middle of last month.

Driver A goes straight on an unfamiliar road on a left turn lane.

Then, the van that was in the straight lane rings the horn and quickly steps into the front of Mr. A's car and takes an emergency brake.

Avoid this van and change the lane to 3 lanes again.

Other vehicles that followed this several times also suddenly brake and change lanes.

Terrified Mr. A asks 112 for help.

[Mr. A (at the time of report 112): ○○ In front of the apartment, another car continues to threaten. (The vehicle next to it poses a threat?) Yes. (Stay together, right now?) Yes.] The

van that eventually blocked Mr. A's car.

The two men who got off the van knocked on Mr. A's window and screamed to get out of the car.

[Mr. A: I may have done something wrong, but it's not that threatening. I'll get off right there when the police car comes.]

But unexpectedly, these were plainclothes police officers.

It is that he has been chasing A to violate the lane as a current criminal.

This is the scene you saw in the black box.

The driver of the van, an incumbent police officer, intercepted Mr. A's vehicle five times between about 600 meters from the point where Mr. A first violated the lane.

[Mr. A: I am trying to hit me, so I follow. I might die after an accident, but if I threaten a simple violation in this way, it is difficult to trust and live with the police.]

Still, the police judged the current execution as a job execution to arrest the prosecution and sent the case to the prosecution. .

(Video coverage: Namyong Kim TBC)