A teacher who used a sexually inappropriate expression to give a first grader pupil a laundry problem with a panty was sentenced to the highest level of disciplinary action.

According to the Ulsan Education Department, the Ulsan City Office of Education held a general disciplinary committee for education officials today (29th), and decided to dismiss teacher A.

The reason for teacher A's disciplinary action was known to be inappropriate behavior of students and fellow teachers, posting of posts that damage teacher's dignity on social networking services (SNS), violation of the YouTube service guidelines, for-profit, and non-compliance.

The disciplinary committee is said to have determined that Mr. A's act violated the Article 63 of the National Civil Service Act, the obligation to maintain dignity and Article 64 of the 'profit and prohibition of employment'.

Unlike dismissal, which can receive both pensions and benefits, if you are dismissed, you can only receive 50% of your pension and retirement benefits.

Teacher A can request a review by the Faculty Appeals Review Committee, and an administrative lawsuit can be filed if the appeal is dismissed.

Teacher A, who attended the disciplinary committee with his lawyer today, left the school district without answering the reporter's question, "Do you have anything to say?"

Last month, teacher A, who was in charge of 1st grade at an elementary school in Ulsan, commented on the SNS group chat room, saying, 'There are too many beauties in our class ... I wrote the expressions such as 'I would like my boyfriends' and '○○ attractive and sexy'.

Teacher A even posted attention to the school board in this way, and posted a picture to upload with 'Sucking My Panties (Laundry)' as a homework for the weekend.

Then, when the students submitted photos of washing their underwear, they said, 'Princess shyly clear', 'Pretty underwear, shy', 'Pink underwear.

It's known that it was pretty, and it was controversial nationwide.

At the time, Ulsan Office of Education reported teacher A to the police for violating the Child Welfare Act, and requested disciplinary action from the disciplinary committee.

It is reported that the Ulsan Regional Police Agency is currently conducting investigations by female youth, and the police are considering the application of allegations of violation of the Child Welfare Act and the Personal Information Protection Act.

The Blue House National Petition, which asked to `` dismiss teacher A, '' obtained 22,764 consents in one month, and the requirement to hear responses from responsible authorities such as the chief secretary of the Blue House or the minister of the department (200,000 people) ).