The German company «Modifications« Brabus »made design modifications in the" G "category of" Mercedes ", through which it succeeded in converting the four-wheel drive vehicle" AMG G 63 "into a pickup truck.

The company clarified that its modified version, which is named "Adventure XLP 800", appears in different dimensions from the standard "G" category, to maintain the internal passenger space, while converting the rear part of the luggage box to an open box, in addition to increasing the external dimensions, to reach in length Total to 5327 mm, versus 2,100 mm for width, and 2265 mm for height.

The length of the wheelbase increased by 50 centimeters, which was accompanied by an increase in the height of ground clearance (the height of the vehicle below the surface of the ground) by about 49 centimeters, which allowed the car more capabilities in dealing with various terrain and off-road.

"Brabus" also made adjustments to the eight-cylinder engine, which contributed to raising the performance range to 800 hp and 1,000 N / m of maximum torque, which allowed the sports truck, which weighed 2.9 tons, to be able to start from the condition Stability and 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds.

"Brabus" indicated that the price list for its modified version "800 Adventure XLP" starts from 700 thousand euros (2.8 million dirhams).