Vox has filled coffins covered by the flag of Spain with the Gran Vía photographed by Ignacio Pereira, the photographer of solitude. The image has been shared by Abascal's party on Twitter. "The Spanish are spontaneously making many images." For them, "it perfectly portrays the pain of this tragedy that the Government and its media satellites try to hide", they have written as a foot to the great morgue placed in the most emblematic street of the capital.

Ignacio Pereira

"I have told Manuel Mariscal [head of Vox networks] to delete that publication, that I want to completely disassociate myself from the content," says the author of the original. Ignacio Pereira has been emptying cities around the world for several years. Madrid is the first place from which people were removed. His work is the archive of the incredible. "Before, it was very strange for us to see cities without people . " Ignacio Pereira denounces the use of his work. "What has been done does not seem appropriate to me. It makes me uneasy."

From Vox they have told him that "they are not going to delete the photograph". The rectification on Twitter seems "quite weak" to Pereira, who has already contacted the person who is advising him legally. "I'm going to report them. I suppose I may be able to exercise some right over my photography. There are people on Twitter who have offered to help me. It has to be removed and that's it ."

The tweet demanding the removal of the image has been retweeted thousands of times. "They haven't asked for permission. I was working and they told me about the fuss I had formed." Some tweeters believe the montage is theirs. "Because of my response to the Vox tweet, they throw the modification in my face. Listen, my job was to leave the Gran Vía empty. I have nothing to do with the coffins."

The image shows a Glovo worker pushing the bicycle down the empty sidewalk. Well, empty in the original. Dodging caskets in the Vox. In Ignacio Pereira's work, it is common to find lonely people in the middle of nowhere. "I like to isolate them in the iconic places of Madrid. It is a way of choosing stories when we see many people, the capitals overflowing with citizens, but we don't know anything about anyone."

Behind every gap there is, "at least", a week of work. Pereira seeks naturalness within a fiction that is now real. "My goal is to make it look like a photo made by anyone , simple." Sometimes, as he explains, he uses "several images to compose one".

Loneliness has turned around. Now it is normal to come across these spawnless people, the isolated cities of themselves surround us. Ignacio Pereira's work would go through a documentary on the pandemic. "At first he was talking about loneliness. Now you imagine it differently . He talks more about solidarity, about the people locked up in those buildings fighting against the common enemy."

The prophecy, which was exposed in Madrid two years ago, has been fulfilled. "People passed by the exhibition and hallucinated. There was something that did not work. It shocked them . Sometimes it produced tranquility and others worried. I like solitude. Being able to walk around the Castellana without anyone", which no longer sounds extravagant : It has stopped making fun.

From Congress, he portrayed Pedro Sánchez alone. " I think the greatest loneliness is that of power ." The original was made in December 2018. "There is no political intention. I also have the rest of the candidates isolated." Vox, through its "young people" account, has shared it modified with the same coffins that fill Gran Vía. "I have told them to also remove it."

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