In the aftermath of Corona 19, 5.4 million elementary, middle, and high school students started their new school year with the first ever 'online school'.

High school 3rd and middle school 3rd graders will start online on April 9th, and the rest of the year will start remote classes sequentially on April 16th and 20th.

Deputy Prime Minister Yoo Eun-hye and the Minister of Education held a briefing at the Sejong Government Complex on the afternoon of the 31st today and announced plans to open a new semester based on this.

The Central Disaster Safety Response Headquarters (Ministry of Education) and the Ministry of Education decided to open the school online due to the recent occurrence of corona19 diagnoses, possible infection control, school readiness, and equity among regions. Explained.

After the 4th acting, the online school starts every grade.

First of all, on April 9th, the third year of high school and the third year of middle school will start online.

Next, high school 1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd, and 4th-6th grade elementary schools will start online on April 16th.

Lastly, elementary school 1st ~ 3rd graders start classes online on April 20th.

Each school offers online classes for 1 to 2 weeks from April 1st.

Additional periods of non-working are not included in statutory class days.

Instead, from a total of 190 days of legal classes, it was decided to cut 13 days for seniors, middle and high school students, 13 days for middle and high school students, 17 days for first and second grade students, and 19 for first and third grade students.

By school year, two days after school was decided to be set as a remote accommodation adaptation period.

During this period, students learn to use class content and distance learning platforms.

We also offer remote class orientation and online opening ceremony to guide attendance and evaluation methods.

The Ministry of Education will observe the Corona 19 situation during the mid-term and final exams of the 1st semester of middle and high school.

An official from the Ministry of Education said, "Mid-term exams are expected in late May and final exams are expected in late July."

Kindergarten decided to extend the suspension of business indefinitely until it was possible to start school, taking into account the nature of the play-oriented curriculum and the possibility of controlling infection.

Mr. Yu added, "In consideration of the progress of infection in each region and school conditions in the future, we will review the flexible ways to operate a bachelor's school, such as remote classes and attending school classes."

The Ministry of Education also announced ways to bridge the learning gap that is concerned with distance learning.

We plan to support smart devices, the Internet, etc. to education benefit beneficiaries by province or province (less than 50% of median income).

If the student's home does not have the necessary equipment, such as the Internet or a printer, it has been decided to allow the use of a school computer room under thorough quarantine control.

An official from the Ministry of Education said, “It seems that students from rural and fishing villages and islands will be mainly targeted.”

For students with visual or hearing impairments, subtitles, vocabulary, and braille are provided for remote classes.

For students with developmental disabilities, we plan to provide home visit tours, etc., considering the type and degree of disability.

We provide multi-lingual support to students from multicultural families and provide online content to learn Korean.

In vocational high schools such as specialized high schools and Meister high schools, the term intensive course is used to focus on theoretical classes during the online school period, and practical classes are conducted after school starts.

Alternative schools will also conduct remote classes first, and experience learning will begin after school starts.

The Ministry of Education announced that it will discover and share best practices through 490 'remote education pilot schools' that will be operated from this week in order to enhance teachers' distance learning capabilities.

The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and ICT, and the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Small and Medium Venture Business Department decided to establish a mid- and long-term plan for 'Edu Tech' and to form a dedicated team (TF) in the Ministry of Education.

Deputy Prime Minister Yoo said, “It is difficult to speed up the pattern of infection, so first of all, we must gradually regain the safety of our daily life by practicing quarantine in our lives.” I hope. "

(Photo = Yonhap News)