After three delays, elementary and junior high school, which I decided to do on April 6th, is now a week away. But the claim that it's still not time to open the school door is gaining strength. As early as today (30th), the government will announce whether to postpone schooling again or even start schooling online.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon reports.


As of 0 o'clock in the morning, a total of 619 people under the age of 19 among the total confirmed patients accounted for 6.5% of the total.

It is said that it has maintained a relatively low number because it postponed school opening.

However, there are voices of concern for the opening of school on April 6, with around 100 people being confirmed each day and not decreasing.

[Jung Eun-Kyung / Director of Disease Management Division: As far as school starts, there is still a risk of having a group event or a closed group gathering in such a room until now.]

Accordingly, Dangjeong is actively reviewing online openings that postpone the opening of schools or consider students' safety and learning rights at the same time.

[Cho Seung-rae / Secretary of the National Assembly Education Committee, Democratic Party: I gave an opinion that it would be difficult to go to school right now. In order to conduct distance education (online school), a proper platform is essential. (Platform) I'd like to have a good maintenance for a week (I asked.)]

Even if you start school online, we are considering whether you will start all schools at the same time, or in order from high school, which is ready for college entrance exams, to junior high school, and elementary school.

Education authorities will discuss and announce when and how early the school will start.