In just one day yesterday (2 days), 600 additional corona19 confirmed patients were added. The total number of participants was 4,812. Corona19-related deaths also increased to 28 at midnight yesterday.

An Sang-woo reporter on the sidewalk.


The Centers for Disease Control says yesterday there were 600 additional confirmed patients.

The number of confirmed patients was 4,212 at 0 am yesterday, but it was 4,812 in one day.

Meanwhile, three more patients were released because their symptoms improved.

Most of the confirmed patients added yesterday are concentrated in Daegu and Gyeongbuk.

In the Daegu area alone, 519 people increased during the day, and 61 additional people came from Gyeongbuk.

As a result, the cumulative number of confirmed patients in Daegu has reached 3600 and the number of confirmed persons in Gyeongbuk has reached 685.

The number of deaths among corona19 confirmed cases increased by six yesterday to 28 at 0am today.

Five of them lived in Daegu, and the other came from Gyeongbuk.

In particular, two patients had a sudden worsening in their condition and went to the emergency room and were confirmed after death.

Even after the counting of health authorities, an additional 77-year-old deaths were confirmed in Daegu, bringing the country's cumulative deaths to 29.

Health authorities are investigating whether the cause of death is caused by corona 19.