As more than 50 confirmees were added in Daegu and Gyeongbuk in one day, the anxiety of citizens increased.

On the 21st, a netizen said, "There are no battlefields." The picture released reveals foods such as tofu and gimbab ingredients.
In addition, the Internet community in Daegu, "I went to the mart in front of the house and saw an empty corner of eggs and ramen. I am worried about stocking emergency food."

In addition, "everyday morning is falling apart. I'm worried that Daegu is closed like Wuhan. I want to buy anything. I'm afraid to go out. Also came up.
Meanwhile, some traditional Daegu markets and department stores have been closed.

Seomun Market, the representative traditional market in Daegu, decided to close temporarily this Sunday. As a result, most of the 4,600 stores, including 1, 2, 4, 5 districts, Dongsan, Ajin, luxury plazas, and dried fish stores, are closed.

In the West Market, customers were reduced by 90% after confirming the Corona 19 pile. Dew point is said to have given about 60% more than usual.

The Dong-A Department Store shopping center in the city also decided to close for two days from 21 to 22, when it was revealed that the person who confirmed 33 times went to the food store Kimbab store on the 15th.

As a preemptive measure, Donga Mart Suseong Branch is closed on the 23rd and Donga Department Store Gumi, Suseong Branch, Main Store, Gangbuk Branch, and six NC Outlet Stores and Gyeongsan Branch are closed on the 24th. Jung-gu, Kyobo Bookstore Daegu branch was closed for the day.

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(Photo = UnionNews, Instagram redline.waxing.jh)