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They raffle a Satisfyer to raise funds at the San Gregorio festivities


Raising funds to cover the festivities of a small town of just a thousand inhabitants is not always easy. The population to which the festivities are directed

  • Sex.Satisfyer: this is the clitoris sucker that triumphs in Spain

Raising funds to cover the festivities of a small town of just a thousand inhabitants is not always easy. The population to which the festivities are directed is so small that managing to increase foreign contributions forces organizers to sharpen their ingenuity. And, to occur, the neighborhood commission responsible for the festivities of San Gregorio de Raxó, in the municipality of Pontevedra de Poio, which this year has managed to stimulate collection using as a claim the fashion sex toy, the Satisfyer.

In this small town that, according to the last INE, has 1,105 inhabitants, they usually organize raffles and raffle sales to raise extra funds to deal with the organization of the festivities and in the past they had already chosen to distribute lambs, trips to the Cies Islands or even a dress, but never until 2020 sales had gone so well and there was not much talk in the town about the arrival of the festivities, scheduled for March 14.

Participating in the raffle costs one euro and, as a prize, the grantee can take a clitoris sucker or a lamb. In order to participate, the participants pay, choose a number, sign up on a list and the night of March 14 they will know if they will take the prize. To announce that raffle, they have devised a poster in which the image of San Gregorio, the parish church and the claim, a Satisfyer, coexist.

The president of the commission, Rosana Ferrería, explains that the initiative arose from the fame of the sucker, star gift of Christmas or Valentine, and that it was present in the conversations of all the neighbors and members of the commission. It is a group of young neighbors - the president is 42 years old - and fun, so they threw humor: "We needed to raise money and, as is the fashion gift, we thought it would be a fun idea."

The head of the commission acknowledges that they knew it would be a good claim, but is surprised because "the truth is that we did not expect this expectation." It is working so well that it queries all doubts that had arisen among a small part of the organizing commission. Never before has the advertising poster circulated so much, that the organization itself disseminated through its Facebook page and that it has begun to run like wildfire by group WhatsAp p and social networks of Raxó's own neighbors and also the surrounding areas.

Rosana Ferrería already expected success, but not the stir generated, because "Satisfyer is something that is there," what everyone talks about, "is nothing from another world, nothing happens." It is unknown, yes, if he will have reached the parish priest in charge of the liturgical part of the feasts of St. Gregory, or even if the religious knows what a Satisfyer is.

Thanks to the collection 'stimulated' by the sales of this raffle, they will be able to meet the high expenses generated by a village festival, especially the cache of the orchestras that will animate the verbena of San Gregorio. That was his goal, "to do the best for the people" and, to achieve the cost of the celebrations, "we do whatever it takes because it is good for everyone."

The celebrations of San Gregorio have a wide program of activities for the weekend of March 14 and 15 that will have as main attraction a festival with the orchestras Trébol and Pontevedra on March 14.

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