At the time of the investigation into the 8th case of Mars, the police pointed out the analysis result of the National Institute of Scientific Investigation as decisive evidence and named Yun Mo, not Lee Chun-jae, as the culprit. The prosecution said today (12th) that the situation has been manipulated.

I'm Bae Jung-hoon.


This is a report from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, which the police used to identify Yun Mo as the culprit during the 8th event of Mars.

It detects radioisotopes from the hair and analyzes them for the same person.

But the numbers of other Guksu appraisals released today were totally different.

The same is said to be taken from the metamorphosis, but the detection is up to 9 times higher.

[Lee Yun-geun / Director, Korea Institute of Labor and Environmental Health: I collected hair from a dead body and it is almost the same. The metabolism has already been completed, and what has accumulated in the hair is not washed away. .]

The prosecution said that it was not possible to directly analyze the radioisotope at the time, so he entrusted the analysis to the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute.

The prosecution recently obtained analysis data that remained at the Atomic Energy Research Institute.

The prosecution suspects that someone has changed the sample and manipulated the results to drive Yoon Mo into criminals.

A nuclear researcher also reportedly said in a prosecution investigation that someone had tampered with the results.

It is expected that the confidence in forensic investigation will be a hit if it is finally confirmed that the results of the pasta's appraisal are deliberately manipulated for the purpose of sewing research.

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-soo, Video editing: Ha Sung-won)