• Military parade. Paratrooper descending with the flag hits a lamppost

The end of the Paratrooper Brigade (Bripac), Luis Fernando Pozo, crashed hard against a lamppost and became entangled in it with the parachute strings and the flag on it while making the descent to deploy the flag before the box the Kings and the main authorities of the Government and the nation.

Well, expert in this maneuver, received the unanimous applause of those who followed the parade on the Paseo de la Castellana, but on the networks overturned demonstrations of all kinds and some took advantage of making jokes at the cost of the blow of the bripac .

One of them was that of the actress and television presenter Anabel Alonso who was answered by the also actor and now politician of Ciudadanos, Félix Álvarez, known by Felisuco , who found her comment far from humor.

Alonso answers and from there the tone was rising while increasing the number of participants among those who defended and criticized their positions. The majority recriminated to the presenter her comment.

The playwright and theater director Albert Boadella entered into the controversy created.

The leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, also praised the professional career of Corporal Pozo.

Throughout the day, the anger was rising in tone.

And others took advantage of making their jokes.

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