Former swimmer Petra Hillenius died at the age of 52. The participant in the 1984 Olympics suffered from the muscle disease ALS.

Hillenius was told in late 2018 that she was ill. At that time she worked as a board member at the KNZB for four years and left her position with the swimming federation.

At the 1984 Games in Los Angeles, Hillenius competed in both the 100 and 200-meter breaststroke as a sixteen-year-old. In the 100 meters she finished nineteenth and in the 200 meters she finished eighteenth.

"An active woman full of ideas, inventive, full of willpower and perseverance to give meaning to her life that started on 7 February 1968", the KNZB describes her.

Hillenius soon ended her career. At the end of 1986 she already swam her last international competition and two years later she finally stopped swimming.

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