Since January this year, she has been studying opera singer in Cape Town at the University of Cape Town. However, it wasn't many months of adventure and joy before covid-19 came into the picture.

- My life changed totally. The entire second semester will be replaced with distance studies, ”Anna Gyllingberg says on a link from her room in Cape Town.

In addition to the impact on her studies, the future is generally uncertain in the country.

- Shutdown in a country like South Africa is causing much unrest. I am privileged, people who live in the townships have a harder time keeping distance because there is more congestion there, she says.

Afraid to lose his grandmother in Sweden

Since her grandmother has breast cancer and would probably not manage if the virus reached her, she does not want to risk being stuck in South Africa and possibly lose her opportunity to meet her again. Therefore, she now chooses to go home with the embassy repatriation flight.

"I also have my entire family in and home security in Sweden," says the opera student.

In the clip above, Anna Gyllingberg talks about her new remarkable existence in Cape Town