A demonstration of support for the school accompanist who was strongly challenged by an RN elected on her veil gathered some 200 people in Besançon on Tuesday.


The veiled woman taken by the elected RN Julien Odoul during the Regional Council of Burgundy-Franche-Comté, while accompanying a school trip, decided to file a complaint, announces the Collective against Islamophobia in France. On Wednesday, a demonstration of support for this mother brought together about 200 people in Besançon.

And among the demonstrators who met Europe 1: Samira and Lamira, mother and daughter. The mother is 52 years old, was born in Algeria and wears the veil, her 21-year-old daughter, born in Besançon, no. "I am a mother of four, and I have always participated in the outings, whether for sport, for the pool or theater trips," says Samira at the microphone of Europe 1. She admits to feeling "hate and sadness "in front of the images of this companion urged to withdraw her veil. "You get to attack a mother and people have the nerve to defend the aggressor," she points. "Why do I judge from this little scarf?"

"It's my religion, it's marked in my Qur'an"

The video of the mother taken by Julien Odoul, under the eyes of his son, became viral on social networks just hours after its publication Friday by the elected himself. It has been commented on all sides to cause deep divisions in the political world, and even within the presidential majority, on the issue of wearing the Islamic veil in the public space, and especially among school attendants. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe told MPs that there was no question of legislating in this area. "The challenge is to prevent children, because of the religious beliefs of their parents may be of communalism or political Islam, to escape school," he pleaded.

For her part, Samira claims to have fully chosen to be veiled, without any community or family constraints. "It's my religion, it's marked in my Quran, my daughter is 21 years old, she does not wear it, it's a choice," she argues. "I'm a student, I'm going into the world of work, if I'm already pointed out by people who do not accept me for a scarf ...", says the girl. And his mother concluded: "I myself have been there, since I wear the veil I am unemployed."