“The week is completely comfortable, the temperature in the center of the European territory of Russia is 4-5 degrees higher than normal. The weather is very warm, which is indicated by approaching the 30-degree mark, ”he said.

As noted, on Tuesday, August 20, expected +26 ... + 28 ° C, on Wednesday - +27 ... + 29 ° C.

Rains are possible, but only small and short-term. It is emphasized that heat in Moscow is associated with the “spur” of high pressure, which provides an influx of warm air masses.

According to the weather forecaster, such a situation would be called the classic "Indian summer" if this happened in September.

On Thursday it is expected to reach +24 ... + 26 ° С, on Friday - +18 ... + 23 ° С.

At the weekend, the thermometers will drop another degree - to +17 ... + 22 ° C.

Earlier, the Phobos weather center reported that summer heat will return to Moscow by the beginning of the week.