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Influencer Heinicke: “I open my heart to you here”

Photo: Andreas Gora / IMAGO

Bianca Heinicke, alias Bibi, practically disappeared from social networks for twenty months until she spoke up again in January with a longer Instagram post. Three more months of silence followed. But now the 31-year-old is back. She laid out her future plans in several Instagram stories on Tuesday. Accordingly, in the past few months she has, among other things, dealt with the question of “what exactly” she “actually wants to convey” on social media.

Her answer to this: "Roughly speaking, I would like to share my thoughts with you on this channel." She opens her "heart here for you." The focus should be “how I believe that one can lead a happy and fulfilling life in today’s society.”

From cosmetics to a vegan lifestyle

But then it became a little more specific: in addition to yoga, veganism should also become a central topic. Heinicke herself says she has been eating a vegan diet for around five years and has been trying to completely avoid animal products in her life for around two years. This has changed her life “so positively” that she now wants to answer questions about it and raise awareness of animal suffering.

She also wants to discuss “socially critical topics”. She didn't explain which one exactly.

Heinicke became known under the name “Bibisbeautypalace” – or “Bibi” for short – in the last decade with content on lifestyle, cosmetics and fashion. She and her then partner Julian "Julienco" Claßen were considered Germany's most successful YouTuber couple, and she took his last name. The two have two children together but announced their separation in 2022. After a final YouTube video in May 2022, the influencer stopped uploading any new content.

In January she explained that she needed a break. She carried out her job as an influencer to an extreme extent and it merged with her private life. She was completely overwhelmed by her new life situation - which probably meant the separation. She had already announced a path “that will be completely new and different” in the same article. The first clearly visible sign: the Instagram channel “bibisbeautypalace” has become “biancaheinicke”.