Enlarge imagePhoto: Meta / dpa

The "one more thing" with which Apple caused an uproar in the tech world on Monday did not impress Mark Zuckerberg, according to his own statements: The Vision Pro data glasses, which Tim Cook presented as the highlight of his keynote, were not a breakthrough, did not contain any technologies that Meta had not already investigated. After all, Zuckerberg has impressed the device of the competition enough to share his assessments in a staff meeting at the company's headquarters in Menlo Park, as the tech magazine "The Verge" reports.

Zuckerberg explained here that Apple's announcement shows the different "values and visions" of the two companies when it comes to smart glasses. Meta's VR glasses from the Quest series are about "people interacting and feeling closer to each other in a new way" and "being active and doing something." In Apple's product demonstrations, on the other hand, people would have sat alone on sofas. Zuckerberg's comment: "This may be a vision of the future of computing, but it's not the one I want."

Even before Apple's keynote, it had become clear that Meta sees Apple as a serious competitor. So far, Zuckerberg's company dominates the market for VR glasses with its Quest series. In the week before Apple's presentation, Meta had made it possible for Apple expert Mark Gurman from the Bloomberg news agency to try out the new Quest 3 data glasses exclusively and months before the market launch planned for the fall. Gurman, who has made a name for himself with his good connections to sources in the Apple Group, was impressed.

The PR coup had succeeded, Meta had cleverly exploited the bow wave before Apple's keynote. Above all, the company had clearly highlighted the most important difference between its and Apple's approach: The price range for Meta's Quest 3 will start at 499 dollars in the fall – 570 euros in Germany. Apple's Vision Pro, on the other hand, will not go on sale until the beginning of next year, then only in the USA for the time being and at the proud price of 3499 dollars.