It is not a cheesecake to use, but one that no lover of this dairy can resist. We are talking about the unique limited edition recipe that comes from the Madrid workshop Mamá Naranja (General Díaz Porlier, 10) and that is made from cured and semi-cured cheese DOP Camerano (La Rioja). We will have to hurry to try it, since the original bet of this workshop of homemade cakes and sweets commissioned by the capital will be on sale online only until June 30 and exclusively in the Community of Madrid. The avalanche of orders since June 1 has meant that the workshop has had to stop accepting orders for this dessert already two days.

In the words of the creator of the recipe, Clara P. Villalón, founder of Mamá Naranja, the cake tastes like real cheese, thanks to the slices of raw cheese that it carries on top and the prominence of the semi-cured and cured Camerano cheeses made with pasteurized goat's milk. "It's creamy, but not liquid," and the homemade wholemeal cookie base, with a low sugar level, breaks with the traditional texture of this type of sweet and gives it a "sophisticated salty touch," he says.

Of absolutely artisanal elaboration, from the workshop they affirm that they made 22 tests "until achieving the perfect balance between the semi-cured cheese and the cured cheese DOP Camerano (which arrives every week from La Rioja) with white chocolate, cream, eggs and sugar". The game between the cheese inside the cake and the flakes above and the final salt point make it irresistible. In fact, since its launch, Clara says that they have already had to cut orders on the web for two days, to complete the quota. "The reception has been superpositive."

The cake is made only on request, at least 24 hours in advance, is designed for eight people and its price is 34 euros. It can also be made gluten-free.

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Orange Mom: General Diaz Porlier, 10. Tel. 696 402 804


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