This Friday METRÓPOLI, the reference header of gastronomy in Spain, returns to the kiosks with a special issue on paper. Always attentive to what is happening in this sector, this paper copy includes content that indicates the good moment of this area.

This time we talk about Versatile, Garena and Casa Marcial, three businesses that have received a Michelin star and that, in addition, have revolutionized the small towns where they are located. A bet that has served to attract the attention of customers who value their good work as well as their trust in local producers with whom they work very closely.


Following in this line, the special issue of Metropolis this Friday 28 focuses on the rural and visits restaurants located in villages that are perfect for a gastronomic getaway. A road sale that sports a Michelin star in a village of 56 inhabitants (Fuentelgato), another space located in the Valencian orchard (La barraca de Toni Montoliu), a grill located in an old sixteenth-century post house (La portada del mediodía) or a restaurant located on the banks of a reservoir (Loyo River) appear in an extensive report.

The space dedicated to great chefs stands out for looking to the future. Lucía Freitas, Dabiz Muñoz, Vicky Sevilla, Diego Guerrero or Andoni Luis Aduriz talk about how they see the gastronomic sector from the point of view of their experience, pointing out the trends that are coming and what improvements they would include in their businesses.

There is also room for recipes. José Luis García Berlanga, son of the legendary director of films such as Bienvenido, Mister Marshall or El verdugo and responsible for the Madrid restaurant Berlanga, has prepared five paellas for the occasion. A series of proposals that triumph among its customers and that he wanted to elaborate for the occasion step by step to encourage the kitchens.


A number like this wants to talk about personalities of reference. This is the case of Nicoletta Negrini, an Italian businesswoman based in Madrid who has been betting for years with her company Negrini to discover the gastronomic virtues of her native country to the Spaniards. With mortadella as the star product.

In the business field, this special of METRÓPOLI talks about Viñals Soler, a Catalan group that brings its product to the tables of the best establishments in the world. Meats that have been awarded and valued for their quality and that come from their farms located in municipalities located between Lleida and Gerona, at the foot of the Catalan Eastern Pyrenees.

There is also a space dedicated to Casa Ortega, a family business in Alcázar de San Juan that distributes more than 10,000 products throughout Spain and Europe in record time with a service tailored to each client.

For those with a sweet tooth, the report dedicated to pastry shops is a must. Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Toledo, Valencia or Bilbao are some of the cities where centenary, traditional and family businesses are located that continue to conquer the public with their handmade products made daily.

And, as for cocktails, nobody better than Marc Álvarez to present what moves in this area. After having managed to place his Sips Drinkery House cocktail bar in Barcelona among the three best in the world, Álvarez has now moved to the Urban Hotel in Madrid. We know him in depth with an interview full of anecdotes. We also tour some of the best cocktail bars in the country.


And, without neglecting gastronomy, we travel throughout Spain through hotels that take care (and a lot) of their gastronomic proposals with spaces that are worth visiting. We also came to London to talk to the chefs and managers of premises that have conquered this complicated place with menus full of originality and quality.

Finally, the magazine closes a summary of the most useful apps to get a table in a restaurant, a bazaar with products and references for 'foodies' and an interview with actress Raquel Meroño, who reveals her more gastro side after winning MasterChef.

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