In a traditional or contemporary key, these 10 addresses guarantee a good offer of fish and seafood in Madrid, Barcelona, Andalusia or Galicia.

O'Pazo has behind it the Pescaderías Coruñesas Group.


It is one of the most prestigious seafood restaurants in Madrid, with the guarantee of Grupo Pescaderías Coruñesas (García Azpiroz family) as owner. Its history dates back to 1969, the year of its opening with other owners until, in 1981, Evaristo García acquired this space. Its offer is based on high quality fish and seafood and maximum freshness provided by Coruñesas -which adds physical store and distributor-. The variety is very wide and always depends on the daily availability -marked by temporality and closures-. Some of the products can already be seen in the window that overlooks the street, a step prior to the counter that overlooks the room with imposing barnacles, crayfish, shrimp, oysters or spider crabs, depending on the day. Some dishes to keep in mind are the seafood salpicón or the 'sole Evaristo', tribute to the founder of the group. Do not forget that Grupo Pescaderías Coruñesas has another seafood restaurant: El Pescador, where there is even a bar and terrace area. In addition, he owns Filandón, Lhardy and Desde 1911, a space that without being a seafood restaurant has one of the top sea 'pantries' in all of Madrid -apart from being the most gastronomic project in Coruñesas-.

Address: Reina Mercedes, 20. Madrid. Tel. 91 553 23 33. From 70 to 140€

The Estimar counter, located in its kitchen open to the dining room.


"Author seafood", defined Ferran Adrià, who turned into a book on management (a management manual published by CaixaBank) the opening of this restaurant by Rafa Zafra and Anna Gotanegra, who in 2016 started the first headquarters of this concept just behind Santa María del Mar, in Barcelona. Zafra brings his contemporary vision of the kitchen as a 'bulliniano' (he worked on several Adrià projects) to the product that Gotanegra and his family contribute from their fish distributor, Pescadors de Roses, a business founded in 1895 that adds five generations. With these wickers and with the opening of a headquarters in Madrid in 2019, Estimar is a "seafood restaurant of the XXI century", as presented by Zafra, who shows his pantry at a counter located in his kitchen open to the dining room. From the prawn of Roses to XXL Norway lobsters or large pieces of fish, different methods of elaboration follow one another (grill or cooking, as main ones), to complete a menu with its version of the 'gilda', a scandal frying, salmon and caviar bikini or sautéed clams with fine fifth. Make room for dessert, by the way. The group led by Zafra, Gotanegra and, as a third partner, chef Ricardo Acquista add other formats to eat fish and seafood, such as Casa Jondal, luxury beach bar in Ibiza, or Mareantes, bar-restaurant with seafood feeder, in Seville.

Address: Sant Antoni dels Sombrerers, 3. Barcelona. Tel. 93 268 91 97/ Marqués de Cubas, 18. Madrid. Tel. 91 429 20 52. From 90 to 250€.

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Naveira do Mar

Without frills, no frills, it is a historic address in the neighborhood of Tetuán to eat good seafood. In 1983, Julio Bouza Mouriño founded this Galician food house that specializes in seafood. The offer varies daily according to the product available and is always of high quality, with a more moderate price than that in force in other seafood restaurants in Madrid. Spider crab, crabs, razor clams, shrimp, Norway lobster or clams are joined with Galician hake, a hit of this establishment, which, at the same time, can be ordered grilled. Other options are octopus 'a feira', empanada or carne asada. For dessert, of course, filloas. The price can vary greatly depending on how they are listed at the fish market.

Address: Sta Juliana, 57. Madrid. Tel. 91 459 45 32. Between 45 and 100€.

Portonovo is one of the classic addresses to eat seafood in Madrid.


Opened in 1968 by Pepe Limeres, on the Cuesta de las Perdices -on the road to La Coruña-, it is one of the classic addresses to eat seafood in Madrid. Variety and quality mark an offer, in which you can follow crayfish, crabs, spider crabs, shrimp, barnacles ... Lobster salpicón is a good way to eat seafood 'without working'. Among the fish, apart from sole, monkfish or grouper, thespecialty is hake from the port of Celeiro, which can be tried Galician, Roman or grilled. For dessert, cream filloas. Portonovo belongs to the same ownership group as Ponteareas, located in the Salamanca district.

Address: Aguarón, 7. Madrid. Tel. 91 307 01 73. From 60 to 90€

La Trainera Room.

The Trainera

Another super seafood classic in Madrid. This is the business founded in 1966 by Miguel García Gómez, who apart from being linked to the founders of the fish shop La Astorgana, opened in 1980 another business to take into account: Los Remos, on the A-6. In this seafood restaurant with seafood decoration -with a bar at the entrance-, you can choose between different pieces of seafood and, at the same time, try recipes such as pan-fried clams, Russian salad, the so-called "seafood soup" presented as a specialty, hake omelette and very good fish, with the 'Sole Trainera' served grilled as its great 'hit', while you can also order the Roman, 'Meuniére' or Andalusian. Desserts such as flan, filloas, rice pudding or millefeuille cake to finish. It is a business lunch destination.

Address: Lagasca, 60. Madrid. Tel. 91 576 05 75. From 60 to 90€.

The product arrives at Carta Marina from different areas of Spain.

Marine Charter

This classic seafood restaurant was founded in 1988 by the Pontevedra family Pardellas Rivera, who own other businesses such as Los 4 Robles or La Taberna Real. It is located in the Cuzco area, which justifies its business clientele at noon. The product comes from different areas of Spain to eat a menu with options such as Galician shrimp, red shrimp from Garrucha, white shrimp from Huelva, prawns from Sanlúcar or barnacles from Cedeira. In addition, you can try their baked turbot, lobster ragout. Winery of more than 200 references.

Address: Padre Damián, 40. Madrid. Average price: 60-150€.

The room of RíasKru.


It is the 'mother house' of Grup Iglesias, a family business founded more than three decades ago in Barcelona and belonging to the Iglesias brothers -who were partners of Albert Adrià in elBarri until 2021-. If until the pandemic they had Rías de Galicia as a classic seafood restaurant and Espai Kru as a modern space to eat raw fish, for a year and a half they have united "the classic and modern seafood restaurant" in a single space. Thus, the menu unfolds, on the one hand, "the classics of the seafood restaurant of a lifetime", with pieces of really premium quality and recipes such as grilled Cantabrian lobster or garlic or grilled espardenas, apart from good fish; and, on the other, "elaborations of creative and modern cuisine", with a collection of raw fish under different cuts, -tartares, sashimi...-. Apart from eating à la carte, you can order two less tasting: 'Mariscada', corresponding to the classic seafood restaurant format, for 160 euros, or 'Rías Kru', the equivalent of the modern offer, for 125 euros.

Address: Lleida, 7. Barcelona. Tel. 93 423 45 70. Menus: 125€ and 160€.

The Cañabota project in Seville opened in 2016.


Fishmonger or restaurant, is a project inaugurated in 2016 in Seville, where the quality and freshness of the product seems guaranteed. "Bar come to more, a restaurant that strips itself of corsets and a luxury fishmonger", this is how this project is defined promoted by Eduardo Guardiola -who is co-founder of Tribeca-, Juanlu Fernández -grandson of fishmonger- and Marcos Nieto. A counter accounts for the 'catch of the day', with different pieces dispatched by weight and with the grill as the main elaboration. You can eat à la carte or choose a tasting menu. The bar is your casual alternative.

Address: Orfila, 1. Sevilla. Tel. 954 87 02 98. Menus: 110 and 160€

D'Berto is for many the best seafood restaurant in Galicia.


It is the house of Berto and Marisol Domingo in O'Grove, a family business that for many is the best seafood restaurant in Galicia for dispatching an imposing offer of different seafood products of the highest quality -and large size-. The offer changes according to what the sea dictates every day: lobster -prepared, for example, chopped and fried-, crayfish of half a kilo, barnacles of O Roncudo, nécoras ... The same goes for fish. Different elaborations are applied to this pampered marine pantry: cooking, grilling, grilling, stew ... It is best to let yourself be advised, without forgetting to order fish and seafood empanada.

Address: Avda. Teniente Domínguez, 84. Tel. 986 73 34. From 60 to 140€.

Hermanos Alba reopened in Malaga in 2013.

Alba Brothers

Its first headquarters started in Cerrado de Calderón, in 1978. Thus was born the project led by four brothers (Pepe, Miguel, Manuel and Salvador Alba), with a specialized offer in seafood. Over time and after openings in Mijas and Fuengirola, it finally closed in 2011. In 2013, Manuel, his son Juanma and Ana Bermudez. (Juanma's partner) opened again Hermanos Alba in the Echeverría del Palo neighborhood in Malaga. The young couple is in charge of the room and Manuel continues to "give his brushstrokes in the kitchen". The menu consists partly of local seafood and some other things: fine shells, bowling, island buses, crayfish from Caleta... without forgetting the sautéed Malaga clams 'XXL'. In addition, a long list of fried fish, a "good grouper fillet", "wild flake fish" that varies every day, seafood soup... A great direction to consider.

Address: Salvador Allende, 15. Malaga. Tel. 95 133 18 03. From 45 to 70€.

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