• Elon Musk technology modifies Twitter's algorithm so that his tweets always stand out

The social network Twitter today opened most of the source code that serves, among other things, to fix the algorithms, according to its team of engineers, who described it as the beginning of "a new era of transparency."

Immediately, Elon Musk, the tycoon who owns the network, retweeted it and explained that with this open source "third parties will be able to determine with reasonable accuracy, what will probably be shown to users."

He admitted that this will bring to the surface "many embarrassing issues," but promised that they will be resolved promptly.

The company's blog explains that it has excluded the part of the code that could compromise the security and privacy of users or "the ability to protect our platform."

Likewise, it does not include the code that drives the advertising recommendations of the platform.

The operation of the algorithms represents one of the most powerful tools of Twitter and all social networks, as they determine what will be the "feed" or flow of information that appears in the account of each user.

Since Musk took sole ownership of Twitter, at the end of last October, it was clearly noticeable how the algorithm had varied for such obvious things as the more frequent appearance of advertising and the preeminence of Musk's own tweets in the "feed" of any account, whether or not it was a follower of his.

In addition, many users complained that numerous accounts they followed had fallen into the "feed" below many others that did not interest them, and wondered about the reasons.

All these changes seem to be part of the Twitter redesign strategy that Musk has carried out and that include, for example, that as of April 15, only verified accounts on the social network, that is, those that pay a fee, can be recommended to other users.

Musk published last Tuesday a tweet in which he announced these new measures that involve a reorganization of the so-called "Twitter Blue", a rating that applies to accounts that pay a fee to achieve verification and thereby obtain a blue mark.

The South African businessman said the move is the only realistic way to address controlling swarms of artificial intelligence bots that interfere with the network through content automatically generated by software.

The measure, according to the CEO of Twitter, also implies that only verified subscribers will be able to vote in the surveys that are formulated in the popular social network.

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