• Gastronomy With milk, wine or black truffle: the best torrijas in Madrid

A few days before the Easter holidays begin, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has analyzed which are the best torrijas that can be found in Spanish supermarkets.

Specifically, they have analyzed the torrijas sold in Ahorramás, Alcampo, Carrefour, Casa Eceizal, El Corte Inglés and Mercadona. To do this, they have evaluated together with a team of expert pastry chefs aspects such as whether or not they have additives in their composition, the quality of the sugars and fats used or their nutritional information.

This group of specialists has determined that the best torrija can be found in Mercadona. And it is that the torrijas made by the supermarket chain of Juan Roig have been the best valued in tasting, for its "good balance between flavors and aromas" and its "adequate juiciness". It is, yes, very rich in sugars and fats and its composition includes several additives to ensure its conservation, as detailed by the OCU.

Mercadona is followed in the ranking by the torrijas sold in Casa Eceza or those of Carrefour, but in these cases the OC has found more drawbacks. In the case of Casa Eceiza, although they emphasize their juiciness and their pleasant caramel flavor, the OCU emphasizes that they are the "most expensive" torrijas of all those analyzed and that their appearance does not remind of the classic torrijas. In the case of Carrefour torrijas, they are the most economical of the selection and those that use less sugar and fats in their composition.

The rest of the torrijas analyzed, according to the organization, "suffer from lack of taste, dryness, rigidity or artificial odors", so they fail the taste test.

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