Nobody understood very well the motion of censure of VOX with Ramón Tamames as candidate until the old economist did something in which all of Spain was represented: he told Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz that it was unbearable to listen to endless speeches about things that nobody had asked about "1 hour and 40 minutes" and "1 hour and five minutes" respectively and, seeing that it was time to eat and then nap, he replied to Yolanda in just a minute and a half and asked the presidency to cut and continue later.

Is there anything more Spanish than stopping for lunch and taking a nap?

"Time is a precious commodity," the 89-year-old professor said from his seat, and he is right. It is the most sensible thing that has been recorded in the session diary in many months.

This week Tamames has become the Twitter star on its own merits.

As if the astracanada of Congress was not enough, these days it has #InvasiónExtraterrestre been a trend, because a man on Tik Tok had said that on the 23rd the beings of other planets were going to conquer the Earth. In the end they have had a lot of trouble and have not come, but we have been entertained, almost as much as Pablo Iglesias who, in his eagerness to take the opposite to Sumar, has spent the whole week subtracting and blocking on Twitter, especially left-wing accounts.

Pablo now thinks it is wrong that people go to the Sixth and set up a political party to absorb the previous one, just what he did debating for years with Eduardo Inda in La Sexta Noche and creating Podemos to charge Izquierda Unida.

On the other hand, we have also had Trending Topic topics as varied as the ineffable Irantzu Varela and his brilliant proposal in sports, the comb of the president of Castilla y León, the citation in judgment of what the newspapers have titled as "El Volador" and many other things. Here I leave everything, do not lose gravel.

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