They are not on the lists of novelties of the year and many of them lavish just enough on social networks, but without a doubt these ten capital restaurants enjoy a fame that goes beyond fashions and trends. The pace of openings in Madrid is hard to follow; There is no week without a premiere dining room. However, in the midst of so much noise, it is advisable not to lose sight of those places where there is a guarantee of excellent raw material and good service. We are talking about historical ones like La Ancha or Hevia; chefs such as César Martín or Carlos del Portillo; of spaces like Roostiq, where Swiss chard tastes like chard, or food houses like Santerra, where Miguel Carretero embroiders an updated traditional cuisine with recognizable flavors.

Pizza de Roostiq


The quality product, proximity and fire are the three pillars of this place in the neighborhood of Chueva that has turned many of its dishes into 'hits': the torreznos have a legion of fans, but this house offers much more: the flame chard, the candied leeks, the spectacular pizzas (and it is not a compliment), The grilled cow chop. .. They swell that list of height. They have their own farm, with animals and garden that they take care of daily, and that shows later on the table. Last year they opened a restaurant in Marbella

Address. Augusto Figueroa, 47. Average price: 45-55 €

Eggs with Hevia ham.


The name of Hevia has a place in the history of the capital. About to celebrate its 60th anniversary, the brothers Ismael and Fernando Martín Hevia have managed to update this classic wonderfully. Discretion (it is one of the tables of power of the city), excellence of the raw material and a service of ten are its letter of introduction. They have already iconic dishes, such as salad, eggs with truffle, calamarcitos, steak tartare, tripe omelette and, of course, their famous stew. They have just opened a new store in Madrid, Bar H Emblemático.

Address: Serrano, 118. Average price: 50-60 €

Sweet and sour pork with lacquered pineapple from Don Lay.


Located since 2019 in María de Molina -before it was on the Paseo de Extremadura-, many Madrileños discovered authentic Chinese cuisine on their tables. In the current place, its dim sums bar, with a unique menu in Madrid, shares prominence with the Cantonese haute cuisine space. The lacquered (duck, suckling pig and pork), spinach and tofu salad, rice and fresh homemade pasta, as well as wok fire cooking make up an extensive menu.

Address: Castelló, 117. Average price: 40-50 €

The gilda of Bistronómika.


Three years ago, Carlos del Portillo settled in Ibiza Street with a menu focused on fish, seafood and embers. The proposal varies every day, according to what enters the market. Red mullet, alfonsinos (birrey), sea bass, turbot, sole or borriquetes... The offer always hides some pleasant surprise. Vegetables also enjoy great prominence, from artichokes to peas, always in season. Their gilda with tuna can not miss on the table.

Address: Ibiza, 44. Average price: 60-70 €

Dining room of La Ancha de Príncipe de Vergara.


With Nino and Santiago Redruello at the helm -fourth generation-, the traditional cuisine of this restaurant has maintained its name and its level. Their stewed tortillas and Armando escalope are on everyone's mind as emblematic dishes, but it would be unfair not to add to the list their fried anchovies, braised lentils, squid in their ink and battered lamb sesitos. Irresistible its fried milk, by the way. The good product is the basis of your lifelong cuisine made with great care.

Address: Príncipe de Vergara, 204/ Zorrilla, 4. Average price: 45€

Grouper in chard pilpil.


César Martín does not like to appear, but the truth is that he always has a place in the lists of essential restaurants in the capital. Embroidery an elaborate market cuisine where it always brings a differentiating touch. They put the long teeth their buñuelitos de Idiazabal, a classic of the menu, but also their salad of corujas with slices of cured Iberian prey, their verdinas or the beef meatballs. For dessert, the Idiazabal cheesecake.

Address: Plaza del Descubridor Diego de Ordás, 1. Avg price: 50-60 €

Puff pastry celeri, smoked eel and Santerra acidulated English cream.


In this two-storey place in the Salamanca district, you can opt for a delicious snack (the croquette of the place deserves a monument) or to enjoy the gastronomic one led by the Manchego chef Miguel Carretero on the ground floor. Game dishes, seasonal vegetables, pickles and the sea and mountains star in a menu very close to the season and its land. This high-altitude food house bets on "recognizable flavors with a different touch".

Address: General Pardiñas, 56. Tasting menu: 95 €. Average ticket at the bar: 30 €

Elvers of The Machine.


If there is something that characterizes this group (with 13 restaurants) is the level of the raw material they offer. With more than 40 years of experience, they have polished technique and execution to update, without losing the essence, dishes of the usual cuisine. Vigil stew with cod, chickpeas and spinach, Mediterranean red shrimp and wild sole are in the suggestions of the day. There is no lack, already thinking about Holy Week, the classic torrijas.


Veal shank from La Cocina de Frente.


Behind this place near the Retiro is the young chef Carlos García (25). Theirs is a proposal of dishes of a lifetime with a modern touch. Recommendations? The Manchego ratatouille, the squid in its ink, the anchovies a la andaluza and the veal jarrete. The spring menu is filled with vegetables in simple cooking or stews, tomato tartare, green beans with pesto ... And with the arrival of good weather its terrace is filled with atmosphere.

Address: Ibiza, 40. Average price: 40-50 €

Wellington sirloin from Zalacaín.


This year celebrates its 50th anniversary and that is well worth a visit to the first three Michelin stars in Spain. After the reopening by the Urrechu group, this classic shines again as a gastronomic destination. Even today you can enjoy some of its most famous dishes, such as Búcaro 'Don Pío' (consommé gelée, smoked salmon, quail egg and caviar), Wellington sirloin and crepes. There have also been novelties, such as Jorge Losa's tripe, the chef's recipe that was awarded in 2021.

Address: Álvarez de Baena, 4. Avg price: 120-140 €

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