Although any day is a good option to honor dad, this Sunday, March 19, we have the best excuse to toast with him around a good table. We have selected ten restaurants in the capital where the product and good cuisine prevail, which will delight our father.

1. Taberna Pedraza

Recoletos, 4. Tel. 91 342 82 40.

Santiago Pedraza and Carmen Carro have been conquering the people of Madrid for years from their restaurant in the Salamanca district, where, as they say, "we want to return to the origin". Its menu focuses on Spanish recipes of a lifetime, always using very high quality products. Betanzos omelette (it even has a tortilla counter), croquettes (attention to chicken and egg), Russian salad, patatas bravas or red meats will always be a success. By the way, Carmen makes her own version of the delicious Madrid stew daily.

2. Horcher

Alfonso XII, 6. Tel. 91 522 07 31

It is a classic that has been delighting the people of Madrid for decades. About to celebrate its 80th anniversary, it is a flagship in the capital. It has a very varied menu in which the Central European cuisine stands out, with game dishes such as partridge a la Prensa, roe deer loin or its delicious Baumkuchen cake, as well as other traditional Spanish dishes such as poached egg on Kartoffelpuffer and marinated salmon, lobster salad, wild turbot grille or the mythical Horcher burger with sautéed potatoes. "The best tribute I can pay to those who came before me is to adapt and modernize the business without losing its traditions, preserving the culture and values that have been part of Horcher since its inception," says Elisabeth Horcher, fourth generation in charge of the restaurant.

3. Bareto

Alcalá, 55. Tel. 91 297 71 41

Andalusian style squid sandwich.

It is a perfect option when you are looking for, more than a feast, a snack, but from the rich. Nacho Horcajada, one of its owners, tells us that his space "recovers the essence of the most traditional Madrid breweries". Therefore, in addition to its views of the Palacio de Cibeles, Bareto is a tribute to tapas and the bar of a lifetime where they know perfectly how to throw the cane or put a rich vermouth. At lunchtime, you have to order torreznos, bravas, salad or squid mounting. This Sunday, if the meal is extended, you can watch the classic Barça-Madrid live on their television screens.

4. The Racquetista in Havana

Juan Bravo, 4. Tel. 91 722 77 93

The brothers Javier and Paco Aparicio have launched this new project that unites the wisdom of the Spanish cuisine of the Raquetista de Retiro, and that of Taberna Cachivache, to make a nod to Latin flavors. Thus, Javier has designed some dishes that encourage you to travel through Latin America and that coexist perfectly with the classics of the house. As Javier says, "the most requested dishes are torreznos, chickpeas with sausage and foie gras and pularda cannelloni; the newly inspired ones are the ropa vieja tostones, the Cuban sandwich and the Latin Saam."

5. Ball

Pantoja, 8. Phone: 91 737 3390

Javier Muñoz-Calero Calderón's restaurant is a perfect choice for a family meal for its privacy and delicious food. The chef cooks a fusion of recipes with international notes, collecting a traditional recipe book from the places that have been his gastronomic base field. Because France and Switzerland are its training schools and, therefore, its most marked culinary influences. He is also inspired by Thailand, where the chef lived for a while to soak up his cuisine; and of course Spain, especially Catalonia and the Basque Country, where its character has also been forged in the kitchen. You can opt for game, stews, rice, red shrimp or fish, but, if there is a dish that Javier is proud of, it is tripe, winners of the fifth edition of the World Tripe Championship held last year in Madrid.

6. The Manduca de Azagra

Sagasta, 14. Tel. 91 591 01 12

White Saffron AsparagusBarnabas Cordon

This family business opened 17 years ago is always a success in perfectly merging authenticity and hospitality. It has a menu focused on refined dishes of Navarrese cuisine, washed down with wines from all over the world, in a modern, minimalist and sophisticated place. As the owner family says, "La Manduca de Azagra is a focus of relationship where food is as important as conversation." Of course, being faithful to the cuisine of Navarre, seasonal vegetables are the real protagonists, brought directly from their own garden in the town of Azagra. That is why it is not uncommon to see asparagus, borage, crystal peppers among others on its menu. In the month of March, tears peas, fried artichokes or sea bass stand out.

7. The Vine

Mount Esquinza, 34. Tel. 91 319 54 98

With a historical and artistic past, La Parra continues in the front line thanks to its great strength, such as a cuisine based on Anglo-Andalusian recipes, in a beautiful place that fuses English romanticism with the color of Mozarabic tiles. Product cuisine, traditional cut and Anglo-Andalusian background, all the dishes on its menu are made with quality raw material and above all a lot of desire. As Tessa Sanchez points out, "the star dishes are to start the taramasalata, croquettes and salad. As main dishes the roast beef, roast suckling pig, socarrat and, as new dishes on the menu, breaded monkfish and squid stuffed with soft green curry sauce. Star desserts are the apple crumble, the fine puff pastry and the chocolate and mint cake."

8. Verdejo Restaurant and Tabanco

General Diaz Porlier, 59. Phone: 91 011 22 48

Known for its great savoir faire, it is a charming establishment that offers Spanish cuisine of the market. The perfect place to enjoy pickles, salted meats, sausages, tartars... Tasty and simple recipes made with exquisite products that delight anyone. "We look for the temporality of the products, where execution and points are the flag of our cuisine. We do everything at home... that's my challenge," reveals Marian Reguera. For Father's Day they will offer a variety of food, such as vegetables, dogfish and cuttlefish meatballs, tripe, Angus prey, trotters, as well as succulent desserts such as crunchy millefeuilles, their famous panacota or a fun cut of homemade ice cream. Here Jerez also enjoys a lot of prominence.

9. My Sea

Pl. de Isabel II, 7. Phone: 96 514 44 44

If it is known for something, it is for its Mediterranean tradition one hundred percent. It proposes a diverse gastronomy, with the axis of the sea as a fundamental part of the menu. Mar Mía defines itself as an "urban beach bar", a transversal concept that maintains the freshness and customs of the Mediterranean gastronomic universe, and that you can discover in the different environments created within an urban hotel. In its nonstop cuisine come the Chef Rafa Zafra and the fabulous rice dishes of Luís Rodríguez, which stand out for their extremely thin layer. Two recommendations? The vegetable and the classic rabbit and snails.

10. Villa Verbena

Fr. Maria Theresa, 3. Tel. 91 999 30 14

In the form of a wooden house, located in the heart of Casa de Campo and overlooking its famous lake, it is a perfect option to enjoy nature, especially if you opt for its terrace. It is signed by the Triciclo Group and The Hat Madrid, and has a gastronomic offer designed by Javier Mayor, Javier Goya and David Alfonso, based on a product of the highest category and treated in a contemporary key with brilliant simplicity. As Alfonso López, one of the creators, explains, "we have a menu that allows you to eat more formally, as well as snacks based on dishes suitable for sharing and half portions". Highlights include dishes such as tripe a la madrileña, seafood rosseja, pochas with cod and its pil pil, tail cannelloni with mushroom sauce and truffled pecorino, as well as grilled meat and fish.

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