Europe1 .fr with AFP 11:01 a.m., February 7, 2023

On the night of Friday to Saturday February 4, three police officers who were not on duty were attacked in Toulon.

Two men are indicted, one of them was placed in pre-trial detention, for this attack.

Two men were indicted on Monday evening, and one of them was placed in pre-trial detention, for the violent attack on three police officers who were not on duty on Saturday in Toulon, the city prosecutor announced on Tuesday. .

The two suspects, born in 1991 and 1994, had acknowledged their presence at the scene where the facts were committed, while claiming to have intervened in an altercation involving several people, prosecutor Samuel Finielz had indicated on Monday, evoking a version "which seems be denied in the state of the investigations" carried out thanks to video surveillance images.

One of the two men was indicted for aggravated violence and theft during a meeting of the phone of one of the police officers, and placed in pre-trial detention.

The second was indicted only for the aggravated violence and left free under judicial supervision.

They face a 10-year prison sentence.

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Total incapacity for 30 days for one of the police officers

The assaulted police officers, who were off duty, said they were leaving a drinking establishment in central Toulon on Saturday evening when they were stopped by a group of several people, he said.

"These three to four individuals, according to the CCTV images, immediately questioned them about their qualities as police officers" before "committing particularly serious violence against them", the prosecutor said on Monday.

Following the attack, two of the police officers have a total incapacity for work (ITT) of 10 days while the third was arrested for 30 days, said Samuel Finielz.