Stéphane Burgatt 07:58, February 04, 2023

Sihem, an 18-year-old woman, was killed by a repeat offender, near Alès in the Gard.

The schoolgirl's cousin spoke on Friday, first to thank the investigators for their efficiency.

But Azzedine Maalou was also surprised that the suspect, despite his pedigree, was able to remain free.


In the Gard, the relatives of the young Sihem, whose body was found on Thursday, express their incomprehension, a week after the disappearance of the 18-year-old young woman.

A man admitted to killing him after an argument over their romantic relationship.

A link ignored by relatives of Sihem, who wonders about the profile of the alleged murderer.

This is a repeat offender who was also to appear before the assizes this week for armed robbery and who was nevertheless free, is surprised the cousin of the high school student, Azzedine Maalou.


 "It crossed the television screen": in the village of Sihem, strong emotion for the inhabitants

“He assaulted neighbors”

"We all have daughters, we all have children who are under the threat of wolves, we call them wolves. They are people who are capable of anything and yet who walk freely. What touches me is is that he was free after what he did. It is a surprise to know that, like that, Mr. could travel throughout Europe", he explains at the microphone of Europe 1.

"He is someone who attacked people we loved very much. He attacked neighbors, seriously. And this gentleman was walking around, he had neither need to point to the gendarmerie nor to report anything to the 'State', denounces Azzedine Maalou.

Sihem's cousin regrets the slowness of justice in the case of this repeat offender but concedes that he should not be alone in this case.

"But if there had been ways for him to be tried earlier, we could have avoided this tragedy," he concludes saddened.

The results of the autopsy of Sihem's body, currently underway, are expected next week.