The court's first trial judgment on former Justice Minister Cho Kook, who has been on trial for corruption in the entrance examination of children, bribery, and ignoring the inspection, will be made today (3rd).

Reporter Ha Jeong-yeon summarized the key issues of the trial.


Three years after being indicted, former Justice Minister Cho Kuk will receive his first judgment from the court today.

Former Minister Cho is charged with three major charges: irregularities in the entrance examination of his children, fraudulent acceptance of his daughter's scholarships, and ignorance of the inspection.

First of all, the main point of the charge of corruption in the entrance examination of children is that they interfered with the college admissions process by forging or issuing false certificates of internships for their sons and daughters.

Most of them are accused of conspiring with her spouse, former Dongyang University professor Jeong Kyung-sim, but in the case of the daughter's entrance exam corruption charges, she was previously recognized as guilty in the trial of former professor Jeong.

Rep. Choi was convicted until the second trial in relation to the false issuance of an intern certificate at a law firm in the name of Democratic Party member Choi Kang-wook.

The bribery charge is at issue with the scholarship of 6 million won that her daughter Jo Min received from former Busan Medical Center Roh Hwan-jung in 2017 and 2018.

The prosecution sees this as a bribe given to former Minister Cho knowing that he can exercise influence as the chief civil servant of the Blue House, but former Minister Cho and former Director Roh are opposed to it as having no relevance to their duties and no compensation.

Inspection Muma is the charge that former Minister Cho stopped the special inspection team's inspection even after confirming the alleged misconduct of former Busan City Vice Mayor Yoo Jae-soo when he was chief civil servant.

During the trial, former Minister Cho argued that the opening and closing of the inspection was the responsibility of the chief civil servant, and that it was a political decision that comprehensively considered various opinions.

Today's sentencing will be held at 2pm at the Seoul Central District Court.

(Video editing: Jo Moo-hwan, CG: Kim Hong-shik)