Residents who oppose the construction of a mosque in Daehyeon-dong, Daegu, followed last year's barbecue event in front of the construction site.

Conflicts with local residents have been going on for three years, and there is no sign of resolution.

Reporter Kim Nak-seong of TBC reports.


Residents and visitors of Daehyeon-dong, Daegu line up to receive pork meat and rice soup.

Those who received the food gathered at a table on the road in front of the construction site to eat.

The Emergency Response Committee against the construction of a mosque in Daehyeon-dong held a pork barbecue and beef soup event in December of last year.

Eating pork, which is taboo in Islamic culture, seems to be an intention to oppose the construction of a mosque in the neighborhood.

[Kim Jeong- ae

/Vice-Chairman of the Non-Captain Committee Against the Construction of a Muslim Mosque: Living in Korea, grilling pork belly and having a barbecue party, I don't know if it has become a situation where I have to explain and explain why.]

It made it clear that it rejected the offer to purchase the adjacent land.

[Kneel down and apologize to the residents.]

Previously, Buk-gu proposed two alternative sites for the temple to be relocated to the client, but the client rejected it.

An official from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also visited the site for the first time on the 18th of last month to understand the situation, but they are only putting out a position to watch.

[Seo Chang-ho/Daegu Mosque Peaceful Resolution Committee Chairman: In order for the country to have a dignified appearance, the process of public institutions stepping up and persuading residents about these matters, it will not be very easy, but these efforts must be carried out together, and the local civil society A table to discuss together (should also be made….)]

As the conflict over the construction of the mosque continues for three years, it is escalating into a phenomenon of hatred against culture and religion.

(Video coverage: Kim Tae-young)