For Kim Geun-sik, who was re-arrested for forcibly molesting a child 16 years ago, drug treatment for sexual urges, so-called 'chemical castration', is promoted.

Suwon District Court Anyang Branch 1st Criminal Division said in the second trial of Kim Geun-sik's alleged violation of the Sexual Violence Prevention Act, "The prosecution submitted an application for sexual impulse drug treatment yesterday."

The judge explained, "The results of the evaluation of sexual impulse drug treatment requested by the prosecution have arrived, but the result has been that drug treatment is needed for the accused."

The prosecution submitted a psychiatric evaluation to the court as additional evidence.

Previously, in the first trial in December of last year, the prosecution said, "There is a high risk of committing similar crimes again in the future, such as the defendant's habit of sex crimes, the method and history of the crime," and insisted that Kim Geun-sik be attached with an electronic device for tracking his location and placed on probation. I have also applied for an impulse drug treatment evaluation.

After explaining the list of evidence added, the judge finished the trial in about 5 minutes, and the next trial date was set for today (3rd) next month.

On September 18, 2006, Geun-sik Kim is accused of forcibly molesting a victim, child A, who was under the age of 13 at the time, in a hill near an elementary school in Gyeonggi-do, threatening with a weapon.

In the process of investigating all unsolved sex crime cases being kept at seven Gyeonggi and Incheon police stations ahead of Kim Geun-sik's release, it was revealed that the perpetrator of this case, which had been classified as an unsolved case for 16 years, was Kim Geun-sik.

The prosecution received a reply from the Supreme Prosecutor's Office that the DNA of the unidentified culprit in the 2006 case of forcible molestation matched that of Kim Geun-sik, and indicted Kim Geun-sik in November of last year.

Previously, Kim Geun-sik was sentenced to 15 years in prison for sexually assaulting 11 minors in the metropolitan area from May to September 2006, and was scheduled to be released on October 17 last year, but was released at the expiration of the newly revealed charge of 'forced molestation of a child in Incheon 16 years ago'. was re-arrested a day before the

Kim Geun-sik, at the first trial of the child molestation case 16 years ago, said through a lawyer, "I admit the crime itself," but denied some of it, saying, "I did not say to the victim 'I will kill with a weapon' during the prosecution."