A warning sticker was attached to a Porsche vehicle that violated parking in an apartment underground parking lot, and the owner demanded compensation from the apartment, saying, "It cost millions of won to remove it."

In response, the residents' representative meeting said, "Parking violation vehicles cannot be justified," and will respond in principle.

On the 1st, an article titled 'They are threatening to block the entrance to the apartment parking lot' was posted on an online community.

The writer, who lives in an apartment in Incheon, released a picture of a notice posted on an online cafe for apartments, saying, "Something you've only seen on the news is happening in our apartment."

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▲ A statement from the representative meeting of the tenants regarding the violation of parking in the apartment

The notice is the 'statement of the residents' representative meeting on apartment parking violation vehicles', and a picture of the Porsche car in question parked close to the wall is also attached.

According to the writer, the apartment has a lack of parking spaces, so it is said that illegal parking is common.

The apartment side is responding by attaching strong stickers, but the controversy has grown when a resident, Porsche owner A, recently demanded compensation, saying, "Millions of won have been incurred due to the cost of removing the sticker."

The owner of the Porsche, Mr. A, insisted that he shouldn't put stickers on his car because his job just came in and out late.

At the same time, he threatened, "If this requirement is not accepted, I will take legal action as well as exercise my strength, such as blocking the entrance to the apartment complex with people in my industry."

The residents' representative meeting said that it was "unacceptable" to Mr. A's request and responded with a strong stance.

"Parking violation vehicles cannot be justified," he said. "We will continue to establish and improve the parking culture order, such as continuous crackdowns, a parking collection system to be built soon, and designation of one household per household in the future."

Netizens who heard the story said, "I'm curious about what your job is," "The car is good, but the owner of the car is really", "It's not embarrassing," and "

Meanwhile, in 2018, a similar incident occurred in Songdo, Incheon.

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▲ In August 2018, a car owner blocked the entrance to an apartment parking lot in Songdo, Incheon.

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▲ A ‘parking violation warning’ is attached to the front of the car.

At the time, residents in their 50s also blocked the entrance to the apartment parking lot with their car for 7 hours, saying they were angry with a parking violation sticker, incurring resentment from residents.

The resident eventually apologized, but was charged with obstructing traffic and obstructing the management of the apartment parking lot.

The court sentenced 6 months in prison to 2 years probation, saying that the resident's actions caused great inconvenience to 1,100 apartment households.

On the other hand, if you attempt illegal actions, such as blocking the entrance to an apartment parking lot, you may be subject to criminal punishment for general traffic obstruction and business obstruction.

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8 News] 'Parking violation' warning ticket attached...

A car blocking the entrance to the parking lot

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