Could the ChatGPT revolution be reshuffling the cards for the entire digital industry?

Starting with two of the leading companies in the sector: Microsoft and Google.

If the multinational founded by Bill Gates has decided to invest, to the tune of 10 billion dollars, in the artificial intelligence of OpenAI, Google wishes for its part to compete with it by offering its own chatbot integrated into its search engine: Apprentice Bard,




Their artificial intelligence, which uses Google's LaMDA technology, is already being tested internally.

In fact, this system works the same way as ChatGPT.

However, unlike the latter, she would be able to answer questions that relate to recent events, whereas ChatGPT only deals with those that took place up to 2021. In a test seen by


, a person asked Apprentice Bard on the possibility of more layoffs by Google.

Artificial intelligence replied in the negative, with the argument of the recent good financial health of the group.

Several products possible

In detail, this device could manifest itself in several ways.

Apprentice Bard could be a "chatbot" operating on the same principle as ChatGPT.

It could also be an artificial intelligence embedded in an alternative Google search page.

The question formulated by the user would then give rise to “search results”, which would be displayed in gray bubbles to reinforce the impression of a natural interaction.

This is not the first time that Google has developed a chatbot.

The group had already developed Meena, an artificial intelligence that remained in the early stages of experimentation.

It is precisely the arrival of ChatGPT and the positioning of Microsoft that would have pushed Google to relaunch the work to invest in this segment.

Jeff Dean, the head of artificial intelligence at Google, however, told his employees that the firm wanted to take its time before offering this AI, to ensure that it is a reliable tool for all users.


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