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An appellate court sentenced a husband to 35 years in prison for stabbing his wife, who was exhausted from domestic violence, and stabbing her to death.

Today (2nd), Criminal Division 1 of the Gwangju High Court (High Court Judge Lee Seung-cheol) dismissed both appeals from A (42) in the appeal trial of Mr. A (42), who was charged with murder and other charges, and sentenced him to 35 years in prison, the same as the first trial. 

Mr. A was accused of stabbing his wife B several times in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Yeosu City, Jeollanam-do around 5 am on May 7 last year.

On this day, Mr. A visited his wife, who had notified her of divorce due to domestic violence, and brandished her previously prepared weapon.

When her wife took refuge in her car in a sudden attack, Mr. A broke the car window with her brick and then swung a weapon at Mr. B again. 

After the crime, Mr. A fled to a nearby hill without providing relief for Mr. B.

An apartment security guard who found Mr. B who collapsed reported to 119, and Mr. B was taken to the hospital, but died five days after the incident.

In response, Mr. A, who stood in court, insisted that it was "not intentional," but the first trial court sentenced him to 35 years in prison, saying, "The defendant's crime was brutal and he was guilty because he did not take any relief measures after the crime." 

In the second trial, Mr. A belatedly admitted that the crime was intentional, but the second trial judge said, "It is difficult to gauge the fear and pain the victim must have felt." Considering all points, the sentence of the lower court is within the range of reasonable discretion," and sentenced to 35 years in prison, the same as the first trial. 

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