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A story was told of an apartment resident who returned after going out for a long time without knowing that the washing machine hose was missing and was hit by a bill bomb.

On the 1st, an apartment notice posted by a netizen spread around the online community.

The netizen shared the apartment announcement with the title "Apartment with a water bill of 6.5 million won" and saying, "The washing hot water hose fell out and the water kept coming out, but I couldn't check it because I was absent for a long time."

According to the announcement posted on the 27th by the apartment management office, "In the first floor household in Building 000, the hot water hose of the washing machine was removed during a long absence, and 1108 tons of hot water were metered. As a result, the water bill was about 6.5 million won. It happened," he said, noting the damage situation.

A typical washing machine is connected by a faucet, hose, and water supply valve, and when the washing machine is operated, water enters and operates. 

When the water from the faucet flows in through the hose as needed for washing, the water level sensor reacts to stop the water from the water supply valve, and the water supply valve acts as a kind of faucet. 

So, most households do not turn off the faucet, but in the case of the victim's household, this happened when the hose connecting the washing machine was disconnected.

Due to the household that was in an embarrassing situation, he said, "At the tenant representative meeting on January 16, there was a decision to pay in 12 months due to excessive usage fees."

At the same time, he urged "residents to check the washing machine hose again to prevent the above situation in advance," and emphasized, "Please close all cold and hot water faucets connected to the washing machine hose when going out for a long period of time."

Netizens who saw this said, 'It's really scary', 'I checked only the gas valve, but I need to check the hose of the washing machine', 'A catastrophe', 'The water usage is shocking', 'It seems that the house is also flooded.

It's winter, but it's a pity.'

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