It is known that former chairman Kim Seong-tae recently made a statement to the prosecution that he had remitted 3 million dollars for Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung's visit to North Korea.

As a result of our coverage, it was confirmed that in 2019, Gyeonggi-do sent documents to North Korea asking for a Gyeonggi-do delegation to be invited at least five times.

This is the exclusive report of reporter Park Kyung-hyun.

<Reporter Gwanghyeon Pyun>

This is a list of internal documents prepared in Gyeonggi-do in 2019.

From May to November, a total of 5 invitation request documents are found with North Korea as the recipient.

On November 27, the document titled 'Request for Invitation of Gyeonggi-do Delegation for National Cooperation Project', the reviewer is Lee Hwa-yeong, former governor of peace, who is currently on trial for bribery allegations, and the recipient is Chosun Asia-Pacific Peace, chaired by North Korean Reconnaissance General Kim Yong-cheol. It's a committee.

Looking at the contents of the document, the official seal of the governor of Gyeonggi is stamped along with the content that we respectfully request the invitation of the Gyeonggi-do delegation represented by the governor so that the project can proceed efficiently.

November 2019 is the time when former Ssangbangul chairman Kim Seong-tae recently claimed to the prosecution that he handed over 3 million dollars to the North for Governor Lee's visit to North Korea at the time.

In addition, from January to April 2019, former Chairman Kim paid 5 million dollars for North Korea's smart farm project promoted by Gyeonggi-do, and met with North Korean figures in China with former Vice Governor Lee Hwa-young.

It is known that the prosecution also secured a statement that former Chairman Kim ordered Vice Chairman Bang Mo to send condolences on behalf of Mr.

While Representative Lee dismissed it as a new novel by the prosecution, opposition within the Democratic Party continued.

[Lim Seon-suk/Democratic Party Supreme Council member: What happened in the political

prosecutor's office suddenly changed the nature and purpose of the money, saying that the remittance to North Korea, which was the price of business rights to North Korea, was the cost for President Lee Jae-myung's visit to North Korea.]

It poured out fierce criticism that the rule of law had come to an end.

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There was a point of contact between Gyeonggi-do, where CEO Lee Jae-myeong served as governor, and Kim Seong-tae, former chairman of Ssangbangul, in the North Korea project.

Among them, Lee Hwa-young, Vice Governor of Gyeonggi-do at the time, played a role, and reporter Park Ha-jeong summarized what happened between Ssangbang-ul, North Korea, and Gyeonggi-do.

<Reporter Park Ha-jung>

In November 2018, four months after Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung took office, an exchange event was held in Ilsan, co-hosted by Gyeonggi-do and North Korea cooperation organizations.

Governor Lee Jae-myeong and North Korean Ri Jong-hyuk, vice chairman of the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, held hands.

Lee Hwa-yeong, vice governor of peace in Gyeonggi-do, and Song Myeong-cheol, deputy director of the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, sat side by side at the same table.

The following year, in January 2019, Vice Governor Lee Hwa-young met Vice-Chief Song Myeong-cheol again in China.

It was a meeting to discuss projects in 15 areas in which Gyeonggi-do and North Korea would cooperate, including economic exchanges and agricultural and livestock production.

Former Chairman Kim Seong-tae was also present at this meeting.

Afterwards, 5 million dollars of Ssangbull money passed to North Korea until April, and Ssangbangul signed an economic cooperation agreement with the North Korean National Economic Cooperation Association in May, the following month, to pay 100 million US dollars under the condition of obtaining preferential business rights for underground resource development and railroad construction. wrote

Vice Governor Lee Hwa-young was also present here.

[Lee Hwa-young/Gyeonggi-do Vice Governor for Peace (May 22, 2019): By promoting various peace cooperation projects related to the North at home and abroad, the atmosphere of peace cooperation is spreading on the Korean Peninsula...


Former Chairman Kim is known to have recently stated to the prosecution, "At the time, former Vice-Governor Lee reported to Governor Lee Jae-myung that the double drop money had been sent, and Governor Lee said he was well aware of this."

Between 2018 and 2019, the prosecution also found out that Ri Ho-nam, a North Korean State Security agent, met with former deputy governor Lee and former chairman Kim. A source in North Korea reported that he was a person who could report directly.

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Reporter Park Ha-jung is covering this story.

Q. Kim Seong-tae's changed statement, what needs to be clarified?

[Reporter Park Ha-jeong: Now, the first thing to do is to check whether the 3 million dollars that former chairman Kim Seong-tae stated actually went to North Korea.

If the money actually passed, it is also a part that needs to be investigated what kind of price former Chairman Kim spent this money.

This is because former Chairman Kim started referring to CEO Lee Jae-myung, so suspicions may be raised that this money was used for CEO Lee Jae-myung.

However, even if that is the case, it would be a crime if the prosecution proves what former Chairman Kim wanted from CEO Lee, and whether this was delivered to CEO Lee, but it does not seem easy to confirm and prove this.

] , The reason is?

[Reporter Park Ha-jeong: The prosecution has been tracking the funds of the Ssangbangwool Group.

As a result, it is said that they are continuing to speculate on where they spent the unexplained funds to former Chairman Kim.

If former Chairman Kim fails to explain, he will eventually have no choice but to take responsibility.

Former Chairman Kim's side said that former Chairman Kim said that it would be better to reveal the truth after repatriation.

However, in addition to this change in position, it is ultimately up to the prosecution to determine whether the changed statement is true, so the investigation period may be longer.]