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Parents of perpetrators of school violence were found guilty in court after distributing leaflets to the effect of 'reporting fake school violence' in front of the workplace of the victim's parents, who are public officials.

Today (31st), the 3rd detective (Judge Kim Joo-young) of the Dongbu Branch of the Busan District Court sentenced Mr. A, who was charged with defamation, with a fine of 5 million won. 

The child of Mr. A, who was attending a middle school in Busan, assaulted a classmate at the same school in June 2021, and in July of the same year, a decision was made to take measures for school violence (school violence). 

When the decision was made on the child's abuse, the parent, Mr. A, began visiting the public institution where Mr. B, the parent of the victim student, worked from September of the same year. 

Here, Mr. A handed out handouts to the effect that 'Mr. B's child made a false report', put on a shoulder strap with the phrase 'False report' written on it, and shouted, "I was a victim of school violence, but I became the perpetrator." disseminated the facts.

Another four days later, he revisited Mr. B's place of work and handed out flyers to Mr. B's co-workers with the false content that "he became the perpetrator by falsely reporting abuse."

In the end, Mr. B sued Mr. A, and both the police and the prosecution judged that Mr. A's defamation was acknowledged. 

Mr. A was summarily indicted for defamation and received a summary order of a fine of 5 million won from the court, but objected to it and requested a formal trial.

The judge sentenced him to a fine of 5 million won, the same as the summary order, saying, “Mr.

 Summary Prosecution

: This is a procedure to seek a fine on paper. If the accused pleads innocence or admits guilt but thinks the punishment is excessive, he/she can request a formal trial within 7 days of receiving the summary order.