A man in a helmet picks up a delivery box and tucks it under his clothes as he descends the stairs.

This is the delivery driver who went up the stairs with a pizza to deliver a pizza a while ago.

[Incheon Gyeyang City, Mr. A, in his 20s, booked without detention for theft] A man

in his 20s who stole a delivery box while delivering pizza was caught by the police.

Incheon Gyeyang Police Station booked without detention a man in his 20s on charges of theft.

[Mr. A stole a delivery box containing coffee capsules worth 70,000 won]

Mr. A is suspected of stealing a delivery box containing 70,000 won worth of coffee capsules from a villa in Danam-dong, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, around 2:30 noon yesterday.

At the time, Mr. A was found to have run away by hiding the delivery box placed in front of the front door of the next door after delivering the pizza under his clothes.

As the contents of Mr. A's crime were captured on the CCTV installed by Mr. B, the victim, for crime prevention, Mr. A was caught.

The police will soon call in Mr. A to investigate the exact circumstances of the incident.

This is SBS Park Ha-jung.

(Report: Park Ha-jung / Video editing: / Production: D News Platform Department)