The story that the Busan police released saying that they safely handed over a lost elderly woman with dementia to her guardian is facing a backlash.

Check out the article to see why.

This is a picture posted on the Busan Police SNS on the 26th.

A man who appears to be a police officer is walking with a gray-haired grandmother on his back, right?

Looking at the social media posts, the Busan police posted a message saying that on the day of last New Year's Day, a grandmother in her 90s, Yonsei, came out without even wearing a coat, and lost her way.

If the reaction of netizens was the same as usual, there would have been applause for the heartwarming story.

But this time it was chilly.

"The other grandmother was kicked out, but she watched the absurd directing show well", etc.

This is because of what happened at a police station in Busan on the 14th of last month.

It was an incident in which police officers kicked out a grandmother in her 70s who missed the last train at Busan Station and came to escape the cold in about 40 minutes.

As the recent video was released and the related controversy grew, the Busan Dongbu Police Station, the jurisdictional police station, issued an apology in the name of the police chief.

(Screen source: Facebook Busan Police/Dongbu Police Station website)