Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung was investigated for 12 and a half hours as a suspect in the development corruption and preferential treatment of Daejang-dong and Wirye New Town.

Representative Lee denied all charges filed by the prosecution, saying that the 'prosecutor's dictatorship' was doing politics, not investigation.

This is reporter Han So-hee.


After a 12-and-a-half-hour investigation, Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung strongly protested that the prosecution was politicizing after setting an indictment policy.

[Lee Jae-myeong/Democratic Party Representative: Prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol I feel like I was doing politics, not investigation, like a prosecutor under a dictatorship.

I cannot erase the feeling that the investigation is not conducted to discover the truth, but manipulation with the aim of indictment.]

While attending the prosecution, CEO Lee is confident that the so-called 'prosecutor dictatorship' privatized state power to eliminate political opponents. They criticized the prosecution and the current administration for doing 'judicial murder'.

[Lee Jae-myeong/Democratic Party Representative: Folks, please remember this scene today.

Today, this is the scene where the dictatorship of Prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol destroyed the rule of law and constitutional order.] The

prosecution prepared 150 pages of questions for the investigation, but as in the Seongnam FC suspicion investigation on the 10th, CEO Lee made a statement. It is said that it will be replaced, and it is known that the contents other than the statement are virtually silent.

At the same time, he released the full text of the 33-page statement through social media.

Regarding the allegations of breach of trust that he drove profits worth 788.6 billion won to the so-called Daejang-dong gang during his time as Seongnam Mayor and caused losses to Seongnam City, CEO Lee confirmed the profits of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation to pursue the stability of profit redemption. , rather, they refuted that they secured more profits for the corporation by paying an additional 112 billion won to private contractors.

The prosecution requested a second attendance investigation from Lee, saying that additional investigation was necessary, but Lee's side protested that the prosecution deliberately delayed the investigation, so the possibility of a second investigation does not seem high.

(Video coverage: Jeon Gyeong-bae, Kim Se-kyung, Kim Nam-seong, video editing: Lee Seung-jin)